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Sprint Ninja is my latest project.

It's still in Alpha development and updates are weekly regular. It's a fun 2 player local game that you can challenge your friend on. You play a ninja trying to go down as fast as you can. If the camera catches you, you lose. You also can stun your opponent with your sword or by throwing some kunais.

One player plays with the keyboard while the other uses a controller. You can see the controls by clicking on the controller or keyboard icon in the menu. You can also switch controllers and keep your character.

Alpha Build 0.1.0:

I got almost 80% of the gameplay done and menus/controls are fine for now.

I need to work on the "sword" and "slide" movements.

This week-end will be about coding my level auto generator and adding all of the art I got.

So no, the level will not be like this as it will be auto-generated and different every game.

I also need to record some sound to add later.

Enjoy and leave comment if you want to help me develop this litlle game.

UPDATE : July 30th 2016

Alpha Build 0.2.0

I improved the game a lot. Now you can play in a real Level with auto-generated background and platforms.

I made 4 "stages" of platforms with objects to block you. You can also use them to block your opponent too.

Music was added with a "throwing sound", but I still need to add some SFX.

There is some bugs with the platform colliders as they kinda "block" you sometimes and it could be really anoying to lose time like this. I'll check that and it will be corrected in the next update.

Go and race my friends !

Install instructions

Just download the zipped file and extract it. Open the .exe file and you're good to go.


Sprint Ninja_0.2.0.7z 62 MB

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